3D Wood Brain Teaser Puzzle



Enjoy endless fun assembling this 3D Wood Brain Teaser Puzzle! Handmade, this puzzle can stump even the novice at puzzle assembly. It offers different grains and textures of the Rubber Wood species. The objective for this puzzle is to disassemble it, then put it back together. Unlocking the mysteries behind the interlocking pieces is what gives this puzzle it’s apparent addictive nature!

You can truly have fun again and again with this piece. Consider purchasing several puzzles to keep rotating between them. Keeping your mind sharp and patience in tact are key factors in completing this puzzle. Much like other brain teasers similar to the Sudoku or cross word puzzles, this 3D wood puzzle is a welcomed piece to your knowledge database! It’s a wonderful addition to any toy room, living room, or office. Having the ability to keep children occupied and adults motivated to complete the intricate design it’s sure to captivate everyone’s attention!

*Delivery time between 12-20 business days upon order.