We are a family-run business offering high-quality wooden toys that are fun for kids, affordable for parents, and environmentally safe.

Our wooden baby toys have been carefully chosen to encourage little people to explore, experiment, use their imagination, to learn and most importantly play!
When we choose toys we think about attraction, quality, material (wood, natural) and educational value. We try to stock toys in all price ranges, but always of high quality. It’s our belief that our customers deserve the best, because our toys are being used by the most precious thing on this earth – our children.

Why Choose Organic Wooden Toys?
Organic Wooden toys are not only eco-friendly but they are built to last and are often passed down from generation to generation which makes them great value for money compared to the more modern toys children have become accustomed to.  Traditional wooden toys never really go out of fashion. Giving these toys and games to children can have a lot of educational and fun benefits.